Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What if I played with them?

Victim: Rusty

I always pass by a thrift store after that break up with Kevin. I felt that I need to do something productive with my time to let the day pass until I grew older. My sexy and cute clothes that Kevin gave were left in the closet to gather dust. I avoided make up and flashy jewelry. Friends noticed but I turned to be aloof. Sometimes they invite me to parties to help me forget, but most of the times it made it even harder. This was a turning point in my life I thought, and I need to be serious with myself. Playing around and having fun was not on my focus anymore as I drove my attention to books, learning and the music that Kevin introduced to me. I suddenly felt attracted to the un-normal. I felt dark clouds hovering over me and anyone with dark clouds over them are the only ones who will understand the level of loneliness that I felt. And the thrift store clerk was one of those.

I noticed how he hardly said a word to anyone. I never opened up a conversation with him and he never did as well. But we see each other almost everyday as I scan for anything that I would like to buy or just like to look at. I always notice him staring at me as I browse the shelves and even looking at me through a mirror as I look over the other way. Those instances were a hint that he was attracted to me. One day he was listening to a song of that band from the concert that Kevin and I watched. This gave me the reason to speak to him. I told him that I saw them live once. He smiled and asked if I liked coffee too. That was fast, I thought, and sounded a bit silly for a reply. But I said yes and he formally asked me out. We have set a date to meet that weekend when he doesn’t have work and I do not have class.

We met that weekend and he brought me to a park. I noticed how couples cuddled under trees as we walked past them. He found a nice shady spot near the small lake and we sat on the grass. I asked him where the coffee is he said we will take that later. He wanted to talk to me the first day I stepped in their store he said. And he was glad that we had lots in common. I raised an eyebrow to that. Then there was a cold silence between us as we both stared at the ripples of the lake and at the kids playing on the other side.

A naughty thought struck me as I told him how cute my new bra was. I said it was red with pink daisies and asked if he wanted to see it. Without a reply I showed him and let him peek inside my blouse. He said that’s what he liked about me. I was straight-forward. He then hugged me and I let him do that. The wind was blowing and I felt shivers as he lightly dipped his lips on my ear and neck. I longed for him to kiss my neck but I played with his teases and I teased back. I brushed my fingers to his inner thighs and I saw how it made his cock raise as his trousers grew. I rubbed my palm to his leg in a way like giving him a hand job and his trousers grew a huge bulk. He closed his eyes as he let his lip slide to my ears. I leaned my neck to him inviting him to kiss me there and raised my boobs to press to his arm. He lost the battle of the teases as he was the first one to give in and kissed my neck. He whispered how he wanted me the day he first saw me. Then kissed my lips. He placed his hands on my back as he pressed his body to mine making him feel my breast as I felt him rubbing his torso with my boobs. I felt a bit awkward but I pressed my hand to his cock which was beating like a time bomb ready to explode and wanting to get out. I rubbed it and he moaned. A kid giggled at the far end of the lake and brought us back to reality. I giggled too and in serious dreamy eyes he asked if I wanted to go with him to a private place. That line was so familiar that I refused. I told him to bring me home instead.

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