Friday, November 3, 2006

My List of Real Sex Stories

These are my stories. Real Life encounters. My adventures and experiments with men, erotica and relationships.
Relationships? Is there such a thing?

Please be advised.....

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1. The Yearning
2. Lloyd
3. The Satisfying Lloyd break-up
4. Wilbert
5. Free from the clutches of men
6. I will not come but let me just cum
7. Exhibitionist
8. Kevin, my first cum
9. You will never forget your first
10. Goodbye Kevin
11. What if I played with them?
12.You dirty plaything
13. Persuasions
14. Trick or Treat
15. Lost Childhood Memories
16. Discovering the Art of Masturbation
17. Step Daddy's Little Girl (PartI)
18. Step Daddy's Little Girl (PartII)
19. I am a Heartless Bitch!
20. Crash Course & A One Night Stand
21. Princess Slut
22. Satisfy the Stalker
23. And Step-Dad Steps In
24. His Kiss Made Me Powerless
Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Yearning

Victim: Stranger1

She rode the bus. A long trip to school that she takes everyday. She was wearing a platted skirt, books to her chest. The bus was full and she walked up to the back to find a seat. There he was. A handsome stranger, twice older than her, wearing a neat tie and shirt. She stood beside him as he looked at her from her shoes to her legs then skirt, to her books then face. He must have wondered how big those mountains were, hiding behind those books. They both smiled, and he offered the seat beside him. She sat next to him and placed her books to her lap. They were both silent. The bus radio was the only sound they can hear.

Suddenly, she felt his knees rubbing to hers every time the bus shifted gears. She moved closer to him as she felt his breath grew deeper. She sat straight up as she felt his elbow now moving in under her arm trying to touch the side of her boobs. She hugged her books as she let the stranger press her sides letting him feel her big breasts. He couldn’t take it anymore just feeling her with his elbow and arm. Now his hand moved in and reached for her left breast. She let him feel her now stiffened nipples and she felt a tingle as he was able to rub his finger to her nipple even with clothes on. He was breathing deep almost moaning to her ears. She was following the breathing of the man and she felt her heartbeat going faster. He was feeling both her breasts now, lightly, hands trembling. Then the bus stopped. They both stopped. He dropped his hand to her lap as people from the other seats stood. He looked at his watch and she looked at his face. He was sweating to the neck and he smiled. She grabbed his hand and placed it on his lap. She stood up with a blank face and went out the bus. This was her stop and on the pavement Lloyd was there waiting. She kissed him on the lips and looked back in the bus. She knew the stranger saw that and as their eyes met, she smiled.

“Who was that?” Lloyd asked. “I don’t know we just had similar interests.”

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Sexcapades. Escpades. One night stands. Several nights. Making men cum or almost cum. Letting them yearn for more. And then leaving them at the climax of it all. This is how women should have sex, like men.

This is how Daisy’s little cunt splurge wet by just the thought of men begging for her, with or without them satisfied, not caring. As long as you make her cum and all else will be a façade.

Let her or make you masturbate, while she writes down every detail down to the last drop of cum. From her innocence broken down and gradually making her your whore that you would adore. You are the audience. Play with yourself, your partner or a stranger. Though, be careful. It might be you that she’ll write about next. Or would you like that too? Email her at


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