Saturday, April 25, 2009


Zooming to the Present

Let’s leave the past behind for a while as this just happened two days ago. I may not have mentioned Andrew before because he is my latest endeavor. And while writing down all my sexcapades since the day I lost my virginity, I realized how many they were that it will take a lot more posts to go to the present time. But last Thursday was one of the saddest and yet most gratifying experience I had and I can’t wait to write about it.

Andrew is one of those corporate executives who seemed quiet and reserved. But this reserved guy is so discreet that nobody knows about our affair. And our colleagues and his wife won’t even suspect. We had a lot of moments together, mostly short but all of them gratifying in its own. Let’s just say he is one of the most creative and experimental sex machines I have ever fucked.

All was going so well until two days ago. A corporate clash between companies forced him to resign from his job. What can I say, but this man’s ego is as big as his cock. And that’s a cock that I do not like to let go.

So he called me at my desk and said he wanted to tell me something. I agreed to meet at the vacant floor, which was being renovated, thus nobody was there or even dared to go there. At the dead of the hour where everybody was so busy with their desk works, I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I fixed my hair a bit, retouched my make up and showered myself with the perfume Andrew always drools over. And I hurriedly went unseen to that vacant floor.

As the elevator opened, I saw darkness and a spark of light by the corner. There he was, standing with a towering height, a body made to bring you to bed and weaken your knees to kneel to. Well I always see myself kneeling in front of him removing his zippers and letting his cock out for my lips to kiss and suck. But he has a sad smile that day which made me burst my kinky bubble cloud and think about what he was about to say.

He grabbed my hand gently and led me behind a wall away from the elevator. I wanted to kiss him but he had a serious look that made my playfulness freeze. He let me sit by a chair which looked like it was prepared to be there next to another one by a table with nothing on it. He suddenly dropped the bomb that he will quit his job this week and I was the first one he wanted to talk to about it. I was shocked but I kept my poise thinking of nothing but to grab his neck and kiss his red juicy lips. But I sat still and listened.

As it seems that nothing can stop him from going, he finally sat next to me and told me of his future plans. Sadly, nothing was about me and us seeing again. It was like he was breaking up with me as well. Maybe he thought that I would cry or beg him to stay or whatever, but I just listened and agreed to his decision. As he sensed no hesitation on my part, he whispered that he needs to tell me something more important.

He grabbed my chair and pulled it towards him, in between his legs. My hand was on the seat so as he pulled me close to him I brushed over his pants and felt his cock already hard. In a split second he raised my chin and kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed back, rubbing my hand to his hardened cock. His soft lips were so wet and sweet but as he sucked my lower lip, I suddenly felt him stop. So I opened my eyes and there I saw his teary eyes looking straight at me searching for my soul.

Without a word, he stood up, pulled me, and placed his hands on my hips. I kissed him again as we were standing, pressing my hips to him, letting me feel his dick to my pussy. But again he let go of my kiss and looked at me straight to the eyes. I knew he was sad and waiting for me to say something. But all I wanted was for him to forget everything and think of just this moment. He knew what I wanted and we wanted it both. So silently, he raised me and carried me on top of the table. I knew it was a bit strange in a floor being renovated to have a table so clean and dustless.

He opened my legs and stood in between them as he kissed me again, but this time in a torrid hungry notion. He raised my skirt to expose my g string and automatically slid his finger in my pussy. I moaned as he was working his way inside, roaming around, rubbing me. He placed two fingers in as I unzipped his trousers and slid my hand inside his pants. I was moaning to his ear which made him more hungry. He couldn’t take it anymore so he removed his belt and unbuttoned his shirt. In a few seconds he was able to remove his top as well as mine, and grabbed my nipples with his lips. He licked my hard nipples as he was fucking me with his fingers. I was giving him a hand job as I felt his hips moving to and fro. I knew he wants to enter me quick so I pulled his cock towards my pussy and opened my legs real wide. He let go of my boobs and rammed his huge hard cock in me. I lay on the table as he was fucking me real hard. Oh bitch you know I want you real bad! In a whispering angry tone he said it twice. And that made me more wet inside. He was moaning real loud and I can’t help my moans as well.

Ting! The elevator opened and we both stopped moaning. But that didn’t stop him from fucking me. I bit my lips and wanted him to stop moving but he was pushing his cock in me even more. He went faster as he asked me if there was anybody that I can see. I tried to move my body a little to glance at the elevator but I saw no one. He grabbed my boobs with both his hands squeezed me and moaned one last time as I felt him cum in me. He was still pumping me and I felt his cock didn’t even soften. He wanted to cum once again and I was getting lost in exaltation. I didn’t care if there would be anyone who’ll see us anymore. As I felt my juices explode squirting to his sides and drowning his cock in me. He came once again as our cum mixed in the blender of my cunt. It was all so wet all over my inner thigh as he let go. He bent over and kissed me.

He grabbed his coat as his cock was dangling by the shadows and I saw he was ready with a bunch of tissue paper. He wiped my legs and kissed my pussy once. He wiped himself too and threw the tissue to the dusty floor. Then he bent over and kissed my pussy again. I placed my hands on his hair and shoved his head more. As if by command he started liking me. He licked and sucked me deep. Don’t stop! And he didn’t. He even rammed his tongue in me and fucked my cunt with it. His head was moving sliding in between my legs as he reached my ass and squeezed it. Lost in a trance I came without warning and squirted on his face. He wanted it more than I do and licked my juices away.

He is the best pussy kisser of all and I don’t want to lose him.

He stood up with a little light on his face, now smiling and satisfied. He helped me fix myself before putting his clothes on. A perfect gentleman, I thought. But then he said that this is his last goodbye. He gave me one last long hug as we agreed to meet the next day. But we both didn’t show up. Or, that’s what he said when I called to say I wasn’t able to go to our meeting place because of some work backlog. He said he has things to finish as well.

So it was sad to let him go, but then again… there will always be another guy waiting around the corner.

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