Thursday, November 15, 2007

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Victim: A nosey horny neighbor.

She was alone in the house. It was a Holloween night. The kids were noisy on the streets and she was having a slight fever and headache. She was not scared of the dark or of being alone. But she was scared of the neighbor who keeps on peeping on their windows. He was twice her age, medium built, quite handsome except for his unshaved mustache, and she was observing him for the whole sem. The more she stayed home the more the man stayed indoors. She went to the kitchen to grab something to drink and he was there on the opposite side of the house, in his own kitchen too, pretending not to look. But she knew so she closed the lights pretended to leave but hid by the kitchen door. She slowly looked to the man’s house and he was gone. So she went upstairs to take a bath. She took a dip into her tub and felt better as she rubbed herself under the bubbles. She was thinking of the man who was looking at her. She imagined him looking this very minute. Her fingers now sliding faster in her pussy as her moans echo in the bathroom. She closed her eyes as she moaned loudly, rubbing her nipples and pussy, forgetting that the windows were open. She heard a branch of a tree cracking outside. She abruptly stood up and leaned over the window. She just saw the tree connecting her house to the neighbor’s. And nobody was there. Or that’s what she thought. Her pussy was still aching and she wanted to continue. But she thought of that neighbor again. Wishing that he leave her alone but wanting his body on top of her, his tongue inside of her. Suddenly she heard the doorbell downstairs. She grabbed her towels and robe. Wiping her dripping hair she opened the door. And there he was.

“Trick or treat!” His kids yelled as their eyes met. She didn’t notice that two kids were standing in between them. She grabbed some candies on the table next to the door and looked at him as she placed some on their baskets. She saw dirt on his trousers’ knees and refrained from asking where he got it. He smiled as the kids ran away. He stood there and she looked at him with wondering eyes. He asked if he can borrow something to remove the dirt from his pants. She saw how he tried to canvass her body beneath her thin robe and felt her nipples erecting through the satin cloth. But she was hypnotized by his hot stares and soft low voice, so she let him in. She mentioned that she just saw him before she went to take a bath but she knew to herself that this man has a naughty intention. They seemed to have locked themselves out of the house he said.

And at the sound of the door closing, he grabbed her wrists and pulled her close to him. The towel she was holding fell to the floor. She felt his cock hardly piercing to her bathrobe wanting to ram her from behind. She faintly tried to get away from his hands but she was too weak. She stood there leaning to the man as he grabbed her breasts squeezing them softly. She felt weaker as he removed her bathrobe and kissed her neck and back. She stood there naked and the man touching her all over, sliding his hands to her nipples, her hips and legs. She arched her hips towards him and rubbed her ass to his now fully erect dick. She whispered to go upstairs but he was so hungry for her he wanted to take her right on the stairs. So she sat on the steps and opened her legs. She pushed his head between her legs. He looked at her serious eyes as he slowly let out his tongue and licked her soft cunt. She moaned as she held tightly on the wooden steps. He wanted to take her now but she told him not to stop. The man continued to lick her and suck her pussy as her hot juices was building up inside. He opened his zippers letting out his pink cock as he begged for her to let him fuck her. She shoved his head to her pussy again, he liked her fast and without saying a word she came into his mouth. He was stunned as her cum squirted to his lips, mustache and chin. She looked at the clock and it was 10:00 pm. He crawled on top of her and she left her legs open wide, still looking at the clock. As he let his cock gradually enter her very tight wet pussy, only halfway in, the doorbell rang. And he was alarmed as she pushed him away. Let’s ignore them please, as he whispered begging to continue. That’s my parents and they have come to visit me. She pointed at the kitchen door and the man looked at her with puppy eyes as she whispered in a commanding tone “go”. So he ran to the back door while pulling his trousers back on and left. She stood up wore her robe and opened the door for her parents. Sorry I’m dripping, let me just go upstairs to change she said as they all went in.

She went back to the bathroom to have a quick shower knowing that the man was there in his room looking at her through their windows. She smiled as she soaped her satisfied pussy. The next day Uhaul came to pick up her stuff as she moves back to her parents for the fall break.

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