Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The satisfying Lloyd break-up

I was a loyal girlfriend. Men ask me out, especially guys from school but I always give a snout back or a raised eyebrow at them. Snobbish and hard to reach was the image I had. But soon as I am with Lloyd, the whole world evaporates and I fall on my knees and worship him and his huge cock. I was willing to do anything and sacrifice everything for him. But he refuses. He just likes to fuck. He just likes to ram me and make my big boobs shake on his command. He holds on to them and clings to them while thrusting me deep until he reached the deepest walls of my cunt to make me moan hard and scream. One time he fucked me so hard and so long I got sick the next day.

And two days after that, my fever worsened and I had coughs and a running nose. He never visited me at home and he only called twice. A week passed and I got better. I was so angry at the thought of not hearing from him I declared we were off the day I went back to school. I told the guys I broke up with him but he didn’t know yet.

This gave Wilbert the chance to come up to me and try to comfort me. I didn’t take him seriously as I was still drawn to the wonderment of Lloyd’s estrangement. Another week past and no word from him. I felt the ache to touch him. And I want him to touch me back so bad that I made love to myself every night. I was alone with my own fingers and a strange satisfaction came to me.

I fingered myself in a way Lloyd never did. I slowly slid one finger in, sliding in circles and hooking up once its fully in me. I roam my pussy in circles slowly until I reach the back walls of my upper cunt. It was a new sensation. I then realized that this was the G-spot they have been talking about. I rubbed myself slowly then increasing the pace it made me slightly moan. And this moan is different from the moans I let out with Lloyd. This is a different level of consciousness. I was in limbo and my head spins so fast I almost felt I was floating. Then I came. The length of those electric waves came cumin and cumin down my panties that it made my bed wet. It was more exhilarating than being fucked for hours by Lloyd. I fell asleep immediately with a new found realization.

The next day I had the courage to call up Lloyd. I never asked why he didn’t bother to call or visit me. There was no time for that. I first tried to tease him that I was thinking of him ever night but I then said that I told the guys at school that I broke up with him and he didn’t knew yet. Instead of pursuing for me, he just said “Great! Then I can go out with other girls.” I wasn’t really shocked by his response, but it disgusted me that I hang up the phone. No calls after that. But I was happy and satisfied with myself. And my fingers.

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Sunday, December 3, 2006


Victim: Daisy, for the second time.

An affair that lasted a year. A love that lasted a month. And a lust that kept on holding on.

I can’t even remember if I ever did love him. I was a slave to him, to his desires and fantasies. I was just starting my freshman year when we first did it. And there were times he didn’t pay his school fees just so we can check in a hotel.

He was a year older than me but boy does he know a lot! Let’s just say he is the most pervert boyfriend I had. Scratch that. He is the most perverted person I knew.

Whenever we check in, he has no time for a shower. He goes straight to the bed and drags me, almost ripping my clothes off on the way and rams me as soon as we reach the bed. No time for foreplay. The whole day spent with him is the foreplay. He would fondle my boobs in a public bus. He would finger me in a cab. He would slip his hand in my blouse behind the school walls or while waiting for the subway train. He would let me feel his hard cock while in a line ordering for food in a fast food restaurant. He would slide his hand under my skirt while eating. He kisses my neck anywhere and licks me under my ear while holding my ass at any given time that he wishes. That always made me giggle. And he loved it!

Most of the time, we really didn’t care if somebody saw us. I was hypnotized by his fragrant perfume, his wet lips and big kisses. And he made me do things I never did before. He was my first blow job. And I didn’t like it. I love the smell of his cum but I refuse to let him enter my mouth. He respected that. But he didn’t respect the rest of my body.

I always end up with a sore pussy whenever I go home from a hotel. He spent each penny with more than its worth. The whole time spent in the hotel, those few hours were rounds and rounds of fucking until I say stop. Most of the time, he plays deaf and goes even faster that it seemed that saying stop means asking for more. And at some point he won’t stop until I bleed.

His most fond fantasy is making me scream the name of a guy who I fancy. His game will not start until I really think of that guy as the one fucking me and not him. He wants me to tell him what I fancy about that guy which I chose. The first time he told me to do this, I laughed and thought it was a joke. But he was dead serious. He wants me to close my eyes and think of this other guy and say his name. He wants me to moan loud and exaggerate how I feel. He wants me to say “fuck me” together with the name of the guy and talk dirty while he shoves his fat cock in my tight pussy. Sometimes I ran out of guys to imagine, I invent names just to satisfy him. He never noticed anyway.

I had the longest fuck of my life with him. He makes me cum several times in a round and once he cum, he doesn’t stop there. He takes me and thrusts his slowly weakening dick more deep and fast and goes faster until it grows hard again. He only stops when he feels like stopping, whether I cum or not.

We were together everyday and there was never a week that we didn’t spent fucking in a hotel or the backstage of our gym, or the girl’s bathroom, the football field at night, even at their house or friend’s house or mine, secretly, sometimes in all these places in one day.

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