Friday, August 1, 2008

And step-dad steps in

I was lying on my bed and D was behind me kissing the back of my neck. I pushed him away. But he won’t stop. I punched him with my elbow to back off but he kissed my hair instead. So I stood up, irritated, and went to the bathroom next to my room. Lloyd was there washing some clothes. And he held up my panties, his whisper echoed to the tiles, you left this by the sink. Then I heard Lloyd’s voice changed to my step-dad’s.

“You left this by the sink. Daisy, wake up.”

And I opened my eyes and saw my step-dad sitting by my bed, holding my stiff panties up. Dried traces of cum made it stiff and white in some parts. It was obviously what Lloyd used to wipe his cum off himself.

Who was here this afternoon he asked. But I didn’t reply and took my panties off his hand. Go away!

But he didn’t go anywhere. Instead, he grabbed my arm and threatened me. If I ever catch you and Lloyd, I’m going to…

What? What will you do?

That was my first time I answered him back! And it felt good. But what he said next startled me.

Nobody can ever have you!

His grip became tighter and he placed his other hand on my leg, letting it slide to my inner thighs. But before he could reach further, I kicked it off and timely, my mom called his name out. She shouted from the kitchen and he immediately let go of me. He replied by shouting back that he’s in my room. Mom called me too, saying the dinner is getting cold.

I laid there terrified as he stood up and looked at me whispering that he’s not done with me. My eyes fell to his hips. I saw he had a boner and I looked up back to his eyes. He knew that I saw it. And he smiled with the thought that I looked at it. He then went out my room, gently closing the door saying that I was lucky mom didn’t saw my panties.

What a creep! He knew my mom won’t believe me if I told her what just happened and what he just said. She would think I was just covering up for what I have done. She loved him too much to believe such a thing. Step-dad knew how to shut me up. And that made me scared.

I called Lloyd but he was cold. He asked about the man in the tinted truck and who he was. I explained that he was the painter who fixed the roof of our house last weekend, but he doesn’t believe me. I asked him to pick me up at school tomorrow and that my dad knew he was with me earlier. Without having the chance to explain my side and tell him what my step dad just did, he kept on talking and cutting me, saying that if he ever catches me with anyone else, he wouldn’t know what he could do. Then, leave me then and there. So I better not do anything behind him nor even think of doing anything. He said that he had sacrificed a lot for me and he kept on talking and talking and talking. He always does that. He wanted me to cry. And he was successful. I was on the palm of his hands.

Does he really know me more than what I expect? And who would I run to if he really left me? What will I do with my step dad, now that he laid clear his intentions? What will I do with D? Now that I still do not know his real name, how can I stop him if he does something to expose me? This is way too much for me to handle!

Why don’t they just all go away and leave me alone!

I went to the bathroom and sunk to the tub. I skipped dinner and just laid there under the bubbles. I cleansed my body gently with a liquid soap and felt my soft skin slither with the water. I wish I can cleanse my soul this easy.

Then, as my hand roamed my legs, I couldn’t resist but slide a finger in my pussy. I held myself tight and rubbed my nipples and closed my eyes. I fingered myself gently. Slowly thumping the water to my skin and feeling my pussy walls getting wet inside. I slid another finger in and rubbed myself while opening my legs wide. This is where Lloyd has been this afternoon. This is where D wants to be again. And this is where step-dad wants to be in. Increasing the pace, I suddenly felt a tremble in my pussy as my cum softly gushed thru mixing with the water and bubbles.

My last moan echoed in the bathroom. Then I knew. I just have a body made for fucking love...

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