Saturday, May 24, 2008

who gives a fuck? (2nd wave of cum)

Aside from the searches for images, and phrases like "The Corporate Bitch", "thedaisyexperiment", "Daisy Experiment" or "corporate bitches", here are the kinky search words that makes readers cum over.

1. bed shaking masturbating - link

2. art of masturbating - link

3. "made him kiss" "my pussy" - link

4. sensual hand under skirt forplay stories - link

5. daddy for girl cum - link

6. masturbation - link

7. stories discovering masturbation - link

8. daddy cums in panties - link

9. true stories girlfriend didnt let me cum - link

10. mom masturbate blogspot - link

11. blogspot "took me from behind" - link

Yeah, what were they thinking?!

So who really gives a fuck? Answer: Off my last 100 visitors, its the Asians!

Whew! Didn't saw that cummin.....

And who does give a fuck and links to this blog but wanted to remain anonymous? Answer: Desire Sassy Glitz - for this blog is only open to invited readers. Daisy encourages stalkers of all sorts you know!

So before I go back to shaking my bed, placing my sensual hand under my skirt [*grins*] and masturbating, let me send my smooches and thanks to google and netscape for bringing them to the right place.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Daisy's new look

Down with the old, in with the new.

Thanks to the blog reviews received by The Corporate Bitch, now I know what to change. Well mostly.

For starters, the comment of not having any pics was helpful. I added some photos now and then but still, I would like to maintain a not "too crowded" look. Last thing I like is for a blog to look so overly decorated.

Then, after learning and searching a bit html, I switched templates. The old daisy flower indeed makes the text overlap at some point, thus blurring some words.

This is the old skin:

So, what do you think of my new look?

And for the curious, (and who isn't?) you can read the reviews here:

-> "I guess that depends on your definition of porn. Daisy is right, it isn't a porn blog, but it is a sexy blog....hmmmm" - Sexy Blog Reviews
-> "The writing is very insightful and brutally honest. An interesting read that will provide you with some new perspectives." - The Naughty Guide

See... its not only my legs that are open for you guys! So, keep 'em cummin!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crash course and a one night stand

Months after I left Eddy, I needed to build my life back again. I took up short courses in various subjects to keep my mind away from him and from the house where I left in the first place. Funny though that at every class, there will always be a certain guy that I will feel attracted to. But the attraction stops there, for I lose interest right away once their attention shifts to me. I guess I also forgot how to trust men. And Neil was not any different. Except that he pursued me.

Neil was a divorced businessman taking up crash courses too. He was from a different class when I met him. And through having the same professor, he grabbed the chance to get close to me. Until the closeness he showed displayed more than what I intend to see.

We became classmates the next semester and his noisy exaggerated antics always make everybody laugh. He’s a comedian almost all the time that nobody seems to take him seriously.

The weekend before the finals he invited the whole class to go drinking in his friend’s club. We always go to different clubs every weekend, but he made that night a night that I will never forget.

After the party he offered to take me and a few friends home. I was at the back seat and fell asleep in between dropping off one person after the next. I woke up being asked to transfer in front and I didn’t notice if we were the only ones left in the car. He asked whether he can drop me off or take me home… to his house. I laughed and teased him that he can take me anywhere he wants. And added that he can do anything he wants at the same time.

He took me seriously and said he’ll take me to bed. Half drowsy, I was exaggerating my dizziness and teased that only if he is good ON it. He then pulled the car over and leaned to me asking if I was sure of what I’m saying, then kissed me. I kissed back and pushed my tongue in between his lips. That’s a yes, he whispered. And drove again.

I got fully awake as he was leading me to a dim stairway. I was not aware of where we are but I knew what kind of place it was. Soon as we entered a cozy semi-lighted room, I went straight to the bed and laid my head on the pillow. He jumped to me and started kissing my lips. It’s been a long time since I kissed with passion so I let it all out. He was wild, almost tearing my clothes off sucking my lips, my neck and my skin. He squeezed my boobs and rubbed my nipples. He licked his fingers and pushed them in my pussy rubbing me deep. He begged to fuck me and I opened my legs real wide in reply.

He took me in fast and fucked me deep. I felt his balls ramming to my ass as his cock slides deep rubbing my clits. He was on top of me and he pulled my feet to his neck, my legs to his torso. Jabbing in his huge hot cock slamming me in a fast continuous motion, he asked me if I was doing this often. I can’t get the words right out of my mouth as my reply was just moans and moans of pleasure. He was talking a lot and I was just moaning in reply. I was getting dizzy as the bed shakes to the thumping. He told me how sweet, soft and tight I was. He said I was such a sexy slut and I was his bitch. He said I move like waves and my pussy sucks his cock so fine. He wants me to talk dirty but all I hear was my thighs colliding wet to his as I was almost cumin. He slowed down as I almost screamed in ecstasy. He knew I’d beg for more this way and I pulled his ass to me. But instead of letting his cock push deeper to my cunt, he shoved his finger in my mouth. I sucked it like a dick. Licked it and moaned as I arch my hips to push him in me deep again. Then he asked if I would like a dick in my mouth while he fucks me.

I moaned loud as I weakly said yes. He wanted me to shout it and beg for it. I said please fuck my mouth and fuck me. He replied that this was my lucky day. I didn’t know what he meant until I felt somebody joined on the bed. My eyesight was blurred by the alcohol, limbo and dim lights. Neil pulled me up to kneel then I felt a cock pushing through my lips as I tried to open my eyes. But his skin was so smooth and dark that I can’t see anything but anticipating myself being slammed by two guys. I sucked it deep in my throat and I let it slide in my mouth as somebody’s hands were pulling my ass up. I felt two more hands squeezing my nipples and boobs as I grasped for air. Then my wildest dream came true as I felt a bigger cock slam me from behind. My pussy was so wet in an instant that in a few seconds I came. I was sucking a cock in my mouth while another was fucking me, and I came and came and came. I felt my legs dripping with my cum while he shoots his inside me. His hot juices lining inside my pussy as spurts of the other guy’s cum spread to my face.

And I fell to the bed. All wasted and shaky.

I regained consciousness hours later as I saw Neil all dressed in his corporate goody good guy attire sitting by the bed watching me. I pulled him so he could lie beside me but he insisted that I get up and get dressed. Immediately. There was no persuading him so I stood up coldly, wrapped the blanket to my body and went straight to the shower. I realized everything that just happened and I felt betrayed. I immediately fixed myself and went out only to find the room empty and he was waiting by the door. I took my things and went out. He held my arm to assist me in going down the dim stairway but I pulled my arm away from him and never spoke a word. He asked why and promised to meet again and have a longer time next weekend, thinking that I went cold because I wanted to stay. But in reality, I was stiff because I never wanted this to happen, and would never dream of happening again.

In the car, we didn’t spoke. I sensed his confusion but I was all dull inside. He dropped me far from where I live and apologized coz he needs to go home soon. This made me pissed. I went down the car, slammed the door and never looked back. The next week came and we never spoke not even a single word. Nobody noticed it but after the finals, I never went back to that school.

Any regrets? Actually, just the thought of not knowing who that other guy was.

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