Thursday, January 29, 2009

Was it just the heat and the vodka?

A new kind of awakening

My goosebumps just faded when I realized how cute he was when smiling. I was still shocked that he was there. So I asked D how he got in the house. He said my mom let him in. A leak in the garage needs to be fixed. He said he made it leak so he has an excuse to see me and he already fixed it, Mom will be back later at night and asked him to lock up for her. But I just saw him a few minutes ago I said. He didn’t explain more and just approached me and seized my ass.

“He is naughty but I am nasty! And you are mine. mi puta!”

I shivered with what he said. Did he saw what we did in the car? I stood stiff and let him kiss me. I didn’t kiss back and I realized how big his lips were. His kisses were wide and his mouth was open. He even touched my nose with them. His saliva was all over my lips and I was disgusted!

I said I’m sorry but he has to leave. It was just the heat and the vodka, I said. And I never wanted it to happen again. I got scared as he protested with a violent voice. No! He needs me now. And he can’t wait any longer! Then he dragged me to the stairs and pushed me to sit. He removed his trousers and exposed his huge gigantic cock. I was surprised to see him act this way as I remember before he promised to be gentle.

He didn’t turn me on. Not one bit. So I tried to crawl to my room upstairs. But he pulled my leg and I fell flat on my knees. I was terrified! This is your favorite position, he said, and pushed my back to bend and opened my legs wide. I screamed no, but that didn’t stop him. He tied my hands to the stair handle, he raised my skirt and pulled my panties off. I was trying to kick him but he managed to tie my feet as well.

Let me go!

Tears and humiliation enveloped me all over.

But his reply was a hard spanking to my ass. Then he took me. He fucked me from behind and took me fast and deep right away. I was grasping for air with every pump and I couldn’t help but just cry. He almost ripped my clothes off and I was all naked. He was heartlessly screwing his cock in me, harder, and harder until I felt my pussy weak and dripping wet. I was surprised with my own cum, as it came gushing to his cock even before he came.

That’s more like it, he said, and took me even faster. He was whipping my ass with his belt while pounding is cock in me firmly. He groaned naughty Daisy over and over! And I found myself moaning with pleasure as he was fucking me like an animal. I was begging him to stop so weakly, I lost grasp of reality. It was embarrassing as I was imagining how I looked like, tied up to the stairs and a stranger fucking my pussy wet.

Feeling his cock sliding in me fast excited me more. I was so wet and he was about to cum. Then I came for the second time! He pulled out his cock and came too. I felt his cum splattering at my back. I said stop! But he let it all splurge to my skin, dripping to the sides of my boobs. He left my body exposed to the air.

My tears and his sticky cum have dried when he cut the ties off my hands and feet. He was shirtless but already wearing his jeans. I saw a huge tattoo on his back, a creature with red wings and a long tail. It was horrifying! He tried to kiss me but I moved my head away and he swore that I would be craving for something like this again.

He kissed my feet and I was speechless. He carefully carried me to my room and brought my worn out clothes. I was too tired to move or resist but I was afraid he would fuck me again. But instead, he helped me dress up. When he saw that I was shaking, he hugged me tight and said he didn’t mean to scare me. I actually liked how his warm body wrapped me. His muscles pressing to my skin gave me strange mixed emotions. I felt scared and humiliated, but also safe and satisfied. He said that this was just the beginning. I didn’t know what he meant but I let him kiss my lips again.

He licked my ear, then my neck. And to my astonishment, I wasn’t disgusted, instead, I liked it and my pussy tightened with the thought of something greater to come. I felt his passionate kisses this time as a strange electric volt came rushing in my veins. He said he’ll teach me something different the next time. I finally kissed him back and he sucked my tongue out to rub with his. Then stood up and left the room silently.

I was shocked at what had happened that I promised myself to never speak about this to anyone.

And I never did. Until today.

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