Monday, February 26, 2007


That last subway ride reminded me of my first boyfriend, Kevin. He was 11 years older than me and I was barely starting my teenage years then. I was quite popular for having a college boyfriend. But whatever we did was only between us. Or so I thought.

He loves to fondle me in the dark. He loved it when I suck his finger after he kisses me. It made him kiss me more torridly. We were fond of watching movies and he was always bringing me to the movie house. And it was always dark, and his hands were always never settled. But because I was a minor, we can’t easily go and watch the rated ones. So he bought me clothes and gave me jewelry. I learned to wear make up in an early age and I thought my friends how to. Kevin treated me like a princess, and gave me whatever I want. Even things that I thought I don’t want until I actually had them. All those gifts of course should always have something in return. So I do whatever he tells me to.

One time as we were watching a movie he slid his hands through my knees. I was a bit taken aback as he was just fond of touching my arms neck and boobs while we kiss before. My rule was simple, no touching below the belt. And so I reminded him. But the movie was so boring his attention was fully to me. He whispered that since I said no touching below the belt, he will remove my belt and will remove his as well. He was kissing my neck which he knows weakens me so much that I have to give in. So I let him remove mine and I watched as he removed his. He kissed me torridly on my lips and let me taste his tongue. He sucked my tongue out as well and let me move it as our tongues rub in our mouths. He loved that and kissed my ears and said he will let me experience how it feels to have his tongue below my belt. The mere thought excited me as his fingers move in under my skirt slowly reaching in for my panties. Suddenly, he stopped and with closed eyes, I wanted him not to. He cleared his throat and sat up straight. I asked why, in a yearning soft voice. He said that the man seated in front of us was looking. So I sat straight as well and the man looked back at the screen. After a few minutes he kissed me again and started his way to my legs. I looked at the man in front of us he was not looking so I let Kevin raise my skirt. I closed my eyes as he stopped kissing me but his hand was now inside my panties. He first ran his finger on my cut. Then he slowly slid it in. I gave a short moan and saw the eyes of the man in front of us looking in between the seats. I didn’t tell Kevin coz I enjoyed the moment so much I lost contact with words. He slowly rubbed me inside and I felt my pussy get wet and a bit sticky. Kevin kissed me again as he sucked my tongue he let his other hand stroke inside my shirt and reached for my boobs and nipple. I felt my hips arch for him as he went deeper and he moaned to my ear as I opened my legs wider. Hearing his moan made me feel more wet inside. Now his hand was going faster rubbing my pussy walls as I tighten it. I looked again at the man in front of us and his eyes were almost closing. I knew he was masturbating as his chair was a bit shaking. So I let my tongue out and licked Kevin’s neck while I look at the eyes peeping at us. Kevin slowly grabbed my hand and led me to his trousers. I didn’t hesitate to grab him. It was the first time I will hold it and I can’t wait to feel how hard it was. I was about to go inside his briefs when the chair in front of us creaked loudly. Kevin stopped and lowered my skirt to cover my legs. He sat straight and looked at the man frowning. He told me that we should change seats. So we stood up and went to the other side of the movie room. I was right. He was masturbating; Kevin claimed he saw his cock out of his zippers.

We left soon as the movie was over and he apologized if he ever made me embarrassed or even hurt me. I said it didn’t hurt, nor embarrassed me. But I didn’t tell Kevin that the thought of somebody watching us made it more pleasurable.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I will not come with you but let me just cum

Victim: Stranger2

She took the longer way home, the subway. This time she was alone. And it was raining. Wilbert didn’t offer to bring her home anymore. The train was almost empty and she sat on a seat far at the back with nobody near her. She was looking outside the window during the trip. As the train reached the next station, she saw a slender handsome man outside. Their eyes met and she felt a small electric wave pass through them. He stared at her and she got uncomfortable that she looked away. When she looked back, he evaporated with the crowd. Suddenly, as the train started moving again, a man sat right next to her. She was annoyed at first and attempted to tell him that there are a lot of vacant seats. But as she looked at him, he was the boy outside who was staring at her a moment ago. So she just smiled.

It was another long trip home and the silence and passing lights made her a bit sleepy. She closed her eyes but fully aware of the cute guy beside her. Suddenly she felt him moving. She continued to close her eyes and pretended to sleep. The man took a deep breath and she took a deep breath as well. She gradually felt a cold sensation on her right breast. It was his hand crawling over her. She didn’t move not one bit and let his hand crawl over to her other boob as well. She felt the electric waves once again and crossed her legs so he can move closer. And as she crossed her legs, she felt her pussy tightening and tightening until it moved in a repetitive pace. She opened and closed her pussy as the man moved his hand freely to her boobs. Her heartbeat grew faster and his hands moved faster as well almost rubbing her. Then he found the courage to insert his finger in between the buttons of her blouse. He slowly managed to open one button. And then another. Now his hand was inside. Flesh to flesh she felt his fingers cold but the touch was hot and electrifying. He was circling her bra and it made her pussy wet. She was moving her hips in a forward and backward manner as if somebody was fucking her slowly, invisibly. She held her legs tighter as his finger reached in her bra for her nipple. She let him violate her space and she loved it. Her head was spinning and she felt her neck bend towards him. She felt the electric bolts going in under her skin. And as the boy rubbed her nipple, she came. And she came silently. No moans no other movements. Then she abruptly stopped moving her hips. And the boy removed his hand. She was breathing deep catching her breath. She knew that he saw her cumin in such a weird way. Then as she opened her eyes, she blushed. There was another man across their seat looking at them.

The boy introduced himself and asked for her name. She invented a name and forgot it soon as she forgot his. She closed the buttons of her blouse and the handsome boy looked, trying to peek inside, and bit his lips. He then asked if she wants to watch a movie with him. She didn’t reply. And he said “I promise I’ll be gentle” She replied whispering “No what just happened, we leave it here.” He asked where she lived and she invented a place hours from where she actually did. Then as he was trying to build a conversation she looked at his trousers. He was having a huge erection. She grinned, as she saw the next station coming and stood up. “I’ll be going down now. Bye.”

The train stopped and she left hoping that the man didn’t follow her. She didn’t dare look back. But she knew he was having such a big boner that it will be seen as he walks. And her intuition was right. Nobody followed her.

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