Monday, July 9, 2007


Meeting Lloyd.

After Rusty left, I agreed to join the guy I met in the party and his friends. We went to a club and it has been a long time since I went out. They were of the same age as me and were already drinking. I remembered the day I first tasted booze, that same day that I first tasted Kevin’s tongue to my pussy. So I drank to let those memories disappear. Despite the music which I didn’t like at all, the booze hitting me made me dance with the guys and the girls as well.

After spending hours on the dance floor and drinking bottles of beer, one girl who was sitting on her boyfriend’s lap invited us to continue the party at her house. I was so dizzy I wasn’t able to disagree.

Soon as we went to her house I saw that there were even more people partying there. The guys had a “guy room where no girl was allowed to enter” they said. It was the first time I saw Lloyd and he seemed to be the leader of the guys in that “off limits room”. They introduced us and he joked that the room was off limits because the guys were watching porn. And some of the guys were so drunk that they jack off not caring if they are seen by their buddies. I thought it was absurd but I didn’t dare look inside. Lloyd didn’t seem to return to that room, instead joined us to a drinking spree sitting across to me. He was funny and told stories as I watched his eyes study my profile. After a few hours, he told me that I seemed dizzy already and should stop drinking. I strangely followed his command in a snap and he offered to bring me upstairs to one of the rooms so I could rest. Without any word I stood up with him. I was half conscious but I remember he said to the group that I was dizzy and was about to throw up. I just followed him and waved back at the others although I knew I was not about to throw up. He held me and almost carried me upstairs. But we didn’t go in a bedroom; instead he led me to the toilet. He said that I should pretend I threw up. I asked why but he didn’t answer and asked me if I remember him from the party a few days back. I hardly can recall him, I said. Then he said that I was even more sexy now and suddenly kissed my lips and I kissed back. He raised me and let me sit on the sink as my back rested on the mirror. He stood right in front of me and opened my legs. He moved me closer pulled me to his now exposed standing cock. It was so huge and so long I remember touching and holding it and it felt so hard. Everything was so fast I remember feeling the cold sink to my ass as he was taking me deep. He was fucking me while I lay limp on his shoulders, my legs hugging his hips and I was moaning with every thump. Then I felt more conscious of what was happening as he pulled me to stand and told me to bend on the sink. My arms on the mirror as I saw myself naked and my palms pressed to my reflection. Lloyd was behind me and seeing him behind me on the mirror excited me and I opened my legs more wide as he took me from behind. Fast. Can’t remember if it was my ass he was ramming or my pussy but I felt no pain only pleasure from the pressure of his balls swinging to my pussy’s hair. I felt his big head thumping deep inside me. He then raised my right leg and let my knee lay on top of the sink. Then he took me deeper and it felt tighter, it felt more deep. I was moaning hard and he shushed me to be quiet. I bit my lips as I felt him dripping to my legs. Or was it also me squirting out same time as him? We took a shower together after that and I regained all my consciousness. He said that it was the greatest fuck he ever had. And I was a sexy goddess he would take anytime and any day. And that was a promise that he kept for a year.

He fingered me and kissed me under the waves of cold water sliding down our extremely hot bodies until I came for the second time.

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