Thursday, June 14, 2007

You dirty plaything

Victim: Rusty part 2

And so I thought I will not see him anymore. I never returned to his shop and even took a detour home to avoid passing by there. One weekend as I was reading a naughty magazine and touching myself on my bed, he surprisingly showed at my doorstep and knocked. I was wearing a transparent night gown to suit my fantasies and was the only one in the house. I suspected that he waited for me to be alone. I opened the door but didn’t let him in. We were both standing by the door and I still felt the aching sensation to my thighs as he claimed he was sitting by my window waiting for hours just to catch a glimpse of me.

He looked through my dress and wasn’t able to take his eyes off my nipples. I was fired up and I knew my nipples gave a signal that I was, so I let him in. Without a word I led him to my room where he seemed to be familiar of and he closed the door as we both entered. He hurriedly unzipped his trousers, lowered it to his knees and stood straight, showing me his red briefs. I laughed at the thought that he was expecting me to blowjob him right then and there. And that he was wearing a red small one. I sat on my bed giggled and looked at his serious begging face. His cock was so hard and full it almost ripped his red briefs. I crossed my legs and wore the bathrobe next to me and stood up. I said I’m sorry but I was not in the mood. I was so surprised as his eyes widely opened with confusion that his jaw almost dropped. I went for my closet and then in the bathroom. I silently giggled as I changed clothes and when I walked out he was still there, waiting. I even laughed more. He was so serious I suddenly felt a little scared that he might rape me or something. Then the doorbell rang. It was a guy I met in a party a few days back. He was with his friends and was asking if I wanted to join them and go to his cousin’s club.

I let them in. Rusty hurriedly zipped his trousers back, went out of my room and sat down the couch before they could see him standing. I introduced them to each other and said they were all my friends. They asked if they came in a bad timing but I said that Rusty was about to leave anyway, right Rusty? As he scanned 4 guys and two girls, he found how he was outnumbered and agreed. He left and I never saw him since.

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