Thursday, March 22, 2007

You will never forget your first

After that night on the parking lot, Kevin and I saw each other more often. We watched movies over and over even if we have seen it before just to have time for each other. We kissed for minutes after minutes. He touched me in a more hot way. He easily makes me weak and I would always anticipate his fingers in me the moment we sit down in a movie house. I even remove my bra and undies in the ladies room before we settle in our chairs. I let him play with my body in the dark. Until one day as I was quietly enjoying his fingers sliding in me slowly, he introduced me to a new sensation. He said its time for me to feel more but he wants me to tell him if it’s painful. I thought the more pain the more pleasure so I opened my legs wider as he slowly moved in his finger. Then in a moment he slid inside me in a way he never did. It was tighter now and I felt more gratified. It made me a bit dizzy as I asked in a wanting whisper what he was doing and to not stop. He said he’s using two fingers now. It made my eyes wide. How was that possible I thought? Then he asked if I like it. I said nothing and just nodded as my eyes closed with pleasure. Then he said he will add another one but I should tell him if it’s painful. He slid another finger and it was painful indeed. Three fingers rubbed in my tight pussy and after a couple of jabs, I told him it was a bit painful and he stopped. He kissed my lips and removed all his fingers slowly. He then asked me if I could do something for him. He knows I’m weak all over that I would eagerly do anything for him. He unzipped his trousers and let me see how long he is inside. He grabbed my hand and as I was about to reach for him somebody cleared his throat behind him. A man was staring at us with wide eyes. Kevin looked back and whispered to me that we should go to a more private place. A place where it’s only the both of us. I agreed but felt nervous for I never went to any place like that. Though I exactly knew what kind of place he is taking me to.

He drove to a motel almost a half hour away. He told me to not show my face. And as we entered the room, he said we will only rest. But he lay down the bed and called me to lie beside him. I was nervous but I wanted to kiss him so badly. He might have sensed it for without any hesitation moved in closer to me and kissed me. He removed my clothes and removed his, leaving both our underwear in tact. He said it was ok if I refused, and that he will just make me feel him. He opened my legs and pressed his hard cock to my panties. He knew I was wet already and pushed himself harder. He rubbed his long cock to my panties until he felt my pussy lips almost opening. He was kissing me but my full attention was in between our legs. I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled him to me more as I moved my hips arching to him. His cock was so erect now it peeped outside his briefs. He moved his hips in a way that made his cock fully go out of his briefs as he whispered again that he only wanted me to feel him. And as I open my legs even wider, his cock moved my panties and almost letting his tool move in. He fingered me and soon as he found me so wet he said it will not hurt and begged me to allow him to come in. With only a smile, he moved my undies to the side of my cunt and rammed his huge cock in me. One long hard thump and I gasped for air. He was fully in me then I moved my hips making my pussy walls rub to his skin. He fucked me slow and took me deep. Then he removed his cock from my aching pussy. He said I was so pink and removed the rest of our clothing. He went back in me slowly and I feel myself rip inside as he moved in deeper. It was painful but the sensation was more than I ever expected. His big cock was sliding deep in me fast and goes faster by each second as we both moan in ecstasy. He was on top of me and I felt all his weight inside me. He shoved it deeper and faster until I felt his juices squirt in me. It was all hot and a burning itch came flowing. He was perspiring and he kissed me and laid beside me.

I didn’t felt the sensation I had when he sucked my pussy that night in the car, it was all different. And I felt satisfied that he came. And all his cum was in me. But I was all sore so I rubbed my pussy lips to lessen the pain. I was all swollen but my own rubbings excited me and in a split second I felt my own juices cumin out hot and it made my hand all wet.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Kevin, my first cum

The first time he brought me to a rock concert to meet his friends I wore the pink mini skirt that he bought. It has daisies on it and he loved that and called me his Daisygirl. It made me shy to bend though. I knew that if I do, my pink panties will be seen as well. So in high heeled shoes and low neckline he introduced me to his friends, one hand on my ass, who wooed soon as he said I was his girl. I knew the boys were always staring at my boobs especially when I’m not facing their way. I always catch them trying to pretend they are not looking. And I loved the flattery. I really had big boobs for my age and Kevin was fond of taking pictures of me showing off my boobs in a teasing way.

He was so fond of taking pictures that we sometimes play dress up and he takes photos of me while I dress in front of him. First time I was shy to show him but he promised that nobody will see but the both of us and only when we were together. And he only takes shots that I am comfortable in. He even let me keep the photos.

Kevin was my first in so many things. After the concert, he brought me to a club with his friends and they drank. He said he won’t let me drink because he wants me to remember everything about that night. I thought he was sweet. But as he was a bit tipsy I finally convinced him to let me have my first booze.

I didn’t drink much and I pretended to like the taste, but it was so awful I told him to stop drinking too. He stopped but he said to the group that he was so drunk he wanted to go home and take me home. But when we were in the parking lot, he became ok all of a sudden and laughed saying he was pretending to be drunk so we can go away. He was smart. I asked him if he will really bring me home because I didn’t want to go yet. He sensed that and said. No we will sleep together tonight, he teased.

I yelled “what” in a sarcastic way but dint really protested. He said he has a surprise and he said he hoped I didn’t misinterpret that. We went in the car and without even starting it, he leaned over me and kissed me without saying a word. I wrapped my hands behind his neck as he moved over to my seat and kneeled in between my legs opening them. He moved my skirt up and kneeled to the floor of the car. His chin was now on top of my seat and he looked at me with serious eyes as he let his hands slid to my sides inside my skirt. He pulled my panties down and immediately slammed his finger in my pussy. It was a bit painful but the ache was so strong and delightful at the same time. I grabbed the sides of the chair as he slowly removed his finger. He reminded me of the time in the movie house. And declared that tonight I shall feel how his tongue will give me so much pleasure I would never want to leave him. I was speechless as his face moved closer he said how wet I was already and that’s what he liked most. He then dove into my pussy. His lips to my lips and his hot tongue went in sucking me licking me. He lowered my seat as I lay back. He moved his tongue faster rubbing into my clits. I arched upward reaching his face more and he was losing control. Burying his face, licking me faster, faster, until I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I moaned and felt my pussy getting more wet and aching for more. He give me one big lick and said “tell me if you feel you’re cumming.” At first I didn’t knew what he meant but I held his hair and pushed his face to my pussy and let him dive in again. The car was shaking as my hips were moving to and fro from his face. I was hearing him moan too as I was squeezing the chair. It felt like eternity and I do not want him to stop. Then, I felt hot liquid spilling out of me I moaned so hard he giggled and said “ohhh there you are my sweet Daisygirl.” I felt sore and tired. And embarrassed. I was sweating despite the cold. He helped me wear back my panties and he wiped off his chair with a tissue. Was that fun? He asked. I smiled, he kissed me, and I could almost taste my own pussy juices. It was sweet indeed. Then I fell asleep in his car.

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